The Art of Gifting Art


It is said that gift giving is an art and rightly so. The amount of time and effort spent in picking the right piece and immaculately curating it with the right packaging is the culmination of the emotional bond the gift-giver nurtures for the receiver. Choosing the right piece for gift-giving requires a lot of consideration, the person you are gifting to, the social context of gifting, your relationship with the person, the personal preferences of the person, and above all the desire to gift something that is genuine and timeless like your own feelings for the receiver.

Some of the popular choices of gift giving are the latest gadgets and jewellery. But these choices are so yesterday. At the speed at which newer gadgets are introduced to the market that the gadget you gifted will become outdated by the next holiday season and there is a good chance that it will even become obsolete within a few years. Even the latest trend in jewellery becomes out of fashion the next holiday season. That’s why you require something genuine, unique, and timeless, which can withstand the test of time. And that’s where art becomes the right choice. Artworks with layers of its cryptic meanings will keep you engaged for a lifetime of dialogue by revealing its layers of messages one at a time.

Gifting art is another art altogether. But do not let that intimidate you. Even if you are not an art connoisseur, these expert tips can guide you to choose the right artwork.

  1. The Recipient

Who are you gifting? Is it for a family member, business associate or a close friend? Always bear the person in mind, when selecting the artwork.

Family or Friends

If the recipient is a family member or a close friend the chances are you already have a fair idea of what he /she likes. Engage in a casual conversation about art to know more about their preferences. Does the recipient prefer contemporary or modern art? Is there a subject or art form that he/she likes? A visit to an art gallery or an art fair with the person can also reveal a lot about their preferences.

Business Associate/ Business Client

Art is an ideal gift to your business associate or client to let them know how much you value your association with them. But it does come with its own complications. Please check the company gifting policies before you plan it.

Different cultures perceive the same theme or subject differently, ensure that you do not choose artworks, which would be culturally sensitive or unacceptable. Avoid political or conflicting topics. The best way to know if the artwork is appropriate is to consider if the artwork can be installed in the office of the recipient if not the chances are it is not worth taking the risk. If the business associate or client is from another country, you can consider gifting artworks about the country (make sure the homeland of the recipient is depicted in a good light) to show your appreciation for the country he/she is from and the ease of doing business with him/her.

Kerstin Jeckel | Malerin Deutschland Wiesbaden | NATIVE PLACES | e.artis contemporary | Galerie Chemnitz
Sali Muller | BLACKOUT | e.artis contemporary | Galerie Chemnitz
  1. Ask for Guidance

Never hesitate to ask for guidance. Ask reputable gallerists for help. Let them know your requirements and wishes and let them guide you to the right artwork.

  1. Where to Buy

Buy from only online or physical galleries with a good reputation and track record. Trust me; no one wants to handle the embarrassment of having gifted something spurious.

  1. The Space for the Artwork

Artworks come in all sizes and shapes. Especially, when you are buying artworks online, give special attention to the dimensions provided in the description. When buying a large artwork, it would be good if you have an idea where the recipient could install it. It would be a shame if you have gifted a magnificent artwork of large dimensions and the recipient does not have a place to install it.

  1. Delivery

Ensure beforehand the possible modes of delivery. Is worldwide shipping available? Do they offer an insured shipping if the artwork is damaged in transit? What about personal delivery options?

It is often said for a reason, that it is not the gift that matters but the manner in which it is given. Everybody enjoys aesthetically curated gift-wrapping. Find out if they offer customised packaging with personal messages for the receiver to add that extra touch of bow to gifting.

  1. Check for Return Policies

When buying artwork, it is important to fully read and comprehend the return policies. It is even more important when you are purchasing art as a gift.

  1. Gift Card

Kunst schenken ist persönlich und zeitlos ...

Let’s accept that gift giving is tricky. Since we don’t have the clairvoyance to read the mind of another person, it is hard to speculate what they desire. But thanks to gift cards, this task is made simple. You can gift a gift card with a personalised message to let them get exactly what they have in mind.

Follow these tips to choose the right artwork to let the recipient know how much you value their presence in your life.

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