“He has devoted himself to very different topics, but always very intense.”

Eva Poll mit Ihrer Tochter Nana Poll

Gallery Poll, Berlin Mitte. Mother Eva Poll with daughter Nana Poll. Photo: Mike Wolff Eva Poll in conversation with Konstanze Wolter about Lambert Maria Wintersberger. In October 1968, Gallerie Poll opened in West Berlin and Eva Poll worked with Lambert Maria Wintersberger for many years. Konstanze Wolter visited Ms. Poll in August 2018 and talked extensively […]

e.artis for artists: Sell art – We help now!


#eartis4artists In times of Covid-19 not only economy suffers, but also the beautiful things in life, like art and culture. Especially young artists are looking for ways to draw attention to their art and survive the crisis. e.artis helps: The aid campaign to successfully sell art – despite Covid-19 We have developed a campaign for […]

Lambert Maria Wintersberger – Schloss Dätzingen, 23.3.2019

“Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed. A yellow dressinggown, ungirdled, was sustained gently behind him by the mild morning air. He held the bowl aloft and intoned :— Introibo ad altare Dei. Dear Friends of Art, I would like to welcome you […]

Celebrating a Decade in the Art Market!!!

e.artis is strategically located at the heart of Chemnitz, nestled between the present-day modern city and the remnants of the quintessential architecture of the 19th century industrial era. Not far away, the Karl-Marx-Monument or as belovedly known as dor Nischl, the landmark of the city, watches us. It is no wonder; it has come to […]

The Art of Gifting Art

GIFT IDEAS FOR ART LOVERS It is said that gift giving is an art and rightly so. The amount of time and effort spent in picking the right piece and immaculately curating it with the right packaging is the culmination of the emotional bond the gift-giver nurtures for the receiver. Choosing the right piece for […]

“His style and the brilliance of his works still captivate me.”

Son of Lambert Maria Wintersberger together with Konstanze Wolter

Jimmy Wintersberger, Eldest Son of Lambert Maria Wintersberger in Conversation with Konstanze Wolter   What was it like growing up as the son of an artist? It was very exciting and impressive to grow up in the environment of an artist and to experience the inspiring and free-spirited art world. In addition, I also had, […]

Days in Alsace with Wintersberger

Impressionen aus dem Atelier von Lambert Maria Wintersberger

For several days we have been working in the studio and home of Lambert Maria Wintersberger. It is a unique atmosphere in the house. The ambience of the house is full of creativity. Every day we come across works of art that bear witness to lifelong development in the work of the painter Wintersberger. Impressed, […]

An artist’s estate is as individual as the deceased personality

Dr. Mario Nöll in the house of Lambert Maria Wintersberger

Interview with Dr. Mario Nöll, Estate Administrator of Lambert Maria Wintersberger Good day Dr. Nöll, it’s great that we have time to talk about a current hot topic: highly complex estates. What is the crucial task of an estate administrator? The estate administration is a special legal institution, which usually only applies to complex assets […]

Who is Lambert Maria Wintersberger?

Insight into Lambert Maria Wintersberger's private photo album.

Lambert Maria Wintersberger was a German painter, who together with Markus Lüpertz, Karl Horst Hödicke, Bernd Koberling and others, founded the group Großgörschen 35 in Berlin. It is considered as one of the first so-called “producer galleries” and paved path for the other artists.   Origin   Originally Lambert Maria Wintersberger came from southern Germany. […]

A Challenging Project Starts

Lambert Maria Wintersberger Gemälde

The year is 1969. The mirror titled “Torture in Marzipan” refers to the paintings of Lambert Maria Wintersberger. „Iron clips poke into full lips, strings cut deep into mouth-watering meat, and a can opener lifts fingernails. Shock motifs of such a select kind are the specialty of the painter Lambert-Maria Wintersberger, 27; since two years, […]