Christian Awe (* 1978 in Berlin) lives and works in Berlin. In his works, he uses urban influences as well as associations that pick up on elements of nature and, for the viewer, creates surprisingly new visual experiences by expanding the perception of light and space. Many of his pictures are influenced by people’s coexistence, the pulsating life and the creative hub in metropolises such as Berlin, Los Angeles or Ouagadougou. They are expressive and have a specific rhythm in their image composition, as in a dance – sometimes more dynamic, sometimes slower. At the center of his colorful and complex works is the exploration of the foundations of painting – color, contrast, composition, line, light and shadow. Christian Awe’s works are characterized by their gestural and organic design language, which results from a tense dialogue between spontaneity and artistic calculation. From this process also emerges the series of water paintings whose three-dimensional, seemingly vivid color landscapes look almost photographic or printed. In his more recent works, Christian Awe combines deceptively real water illusions with colored rivulets and gestural splashes – it is the play with the perception of reality that appeals to him. Socio-political content can be found above all in the large-scale murals such as the one in which the artist deals with topics such as the current refugee situation, integration tolerance and a sense of we.Christian Awe gives lectures and taught at various educational institutions. In addition to his artistic activities and exhibitions in Germany and abroad, he is involved in a variety of social and cultural projects – in Germany, the Middle East and Africa. The focal points here are education, integration and health topics.


  • 2005 Graduate of the University of the Arts, Berlin - Professor Georg Baselitz
  • 2006 Master student University of the Arts, Berlin - Professor Daniel Richter
  • 2011 Artist in Residence, Princeton University

Solo Exhibitions

new works, Galerie Noah, Augsburg
UNIKAT XII, Spiegelberger Stiftung, Hamburg INFLUX, Galerie Ostendorff, Münster
Jeux d’eau, Galerie Supper, Baden-Baden
Beyond the Palettes, Sezon Art Gallery, Tokio liqa‘, Galerie Ludorff, Düsseldorf
EN VIE, art@sano , Berlin
WAZZER, Galerie der Volksbank Weinheim uid, Kunstverein Duisburg
OffYourColorChart, Deutsche Bank, Nextower, Frankfurt am Main
Siedepunkt, Galerie Fahnemann, Berlin
delizia, Galerie Tristan Lorenz, Frankfurt am Main
vitamin sea, Kunstverein Bad Dürkheim
amour fou, Galerie Ludorff, Düsseldorf
embody, Falckenberg Unique Art Concepts, Hamburg
urbanity, Kunstverein Östliches Sauerland / Museum Haus Hövener, Brilon
Malerei, Kunstverein Lippe, Schloss Detmold
mind spray, Kunstverein Heppenheim

Group Exhibitions

II International Mini Print Cantabria, Faro Cabo Mayor Art Center, Santander
DIALOG (dialouge) TS art projects, Berlin
Away From Home, Künstlerforum Bonn
49 Contemporary Artists, Enter Art Foundation, Kant-Garage, Berlin
Best of Bild+Bildnis, Kunstverein Duisburg
DEEP WATER, Galerie Wetterling, Stockholm
OPENING, Galerie Tore Suessbier, Berlin
Abstract Attitudes, Galerie Christa Burger, München
RÄUME, The Workspace, Berlin
35 Jahre Galerie Fahnemann, Galerie Fahnemann, Berlin
Lithomania, Kunstraum SCHAU FENSTER, Berlin
30 Jahre – 30 Künstler/innen, Kunstförderverein Weinheim
GERMAN COOL, Salsali Private Museum, Dubai, V.A.E.
paper works II, TS art projects, Berlin
B[e] 52!, 52 Masterworks, Kunsthaus Maximilian, München
40 Jahre – 40 Meisterwerke, Galerie Ludorff, Düsseldorf
Open Water, Galerie Ludorff, Düsseldorf
N°2, Galerie Tristan Lorenz, Frankfurt am Main
Formen der Abstraktion, Galerie Ludorff, Düsseldorf
In Situ – die Kunst mit der Architektur, Galerie Borchardt, Hamburg
reKOLLEKT, Galerie Borchardt, Hamburg
Urban Heroes, Kooperative K, Hagen
Conturbanaries, Stattbad, Berlin
From Europe with Love, OazArts / Wall Street Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Checkpoint Ilgen # 10, Sammlung Ilgen, Berlin
Wir überschreiten den Rubikon, Ostrale, Dresden
Escape the Golden Cage 2012, Wien, Österreich
Figuring Abstraction, Galerie Favardin [&] de Verneuil, Paris, Frankreich
reKOLLEKT, Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, Berlin
salondergegenwart, Hamburg
Neue Abstraktion, Galerie Fahnemann, Berlin
An exchange with Sol Lewitt, Cabinet, New York / MASS MoCA – Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams, USA

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