It’s Time

Sali Muller | BLACKOUT | e.artis contemporary | Galerie Chemnitz


This city needs a gallery for first-class contemporary art that brings fresh impetus to the cultural landscape. As a real Chemnitzer, but born in Karl-Marx-Stadt, I have been working since the foundation of e.artis to ensure that art is a normal part of life and should not fail due to financial hurdles. In e.artis, you will find art for every taste and every budget. With the gallery, which is to open in May, I am stepping out of the WorldWideWeb and the online shop I founded in 2009 and into a personal encounter with art in a gallery in the heart of the city.

“Beautiful is what you like” and so I’ll see to it that I show you new art that appeals to you and that brings you joy. Surely it can also be used for investment.

One thing is already certain: I will be born in Ludwigshafen in 1971 with the Berlin artist Sabine Dehnel, whose pictures belong to the young German up-and-coming art scene and skilfully blur the boundaries between painting and photography, opening our gallery spaces on the inner city ring road. The craftsmen are still at work, but the one or other attentive Chemnitzer and walker may have wondered what is happening there. But, I won’t tell you everything yet, just this much: I am happy that this gallery, e.artis contemporary, will soon play an important role not only in the Chemnitz cultural scene.

From now on you will find news and interesting facts about art, the cultural sector and of course the artists we represent, the artworks we exhibit and sell here on this blog.

Sincerely yours,
Konstanze Wolter