From September 18th, 2020 until November 27th, 2020 e.artis contemporary presents Michael Goller with his 3rd solo show “FLOWERING BLACK”.
The last show, “rot – blau” (2018), focused on the emergence of his work in over 20 years. The color polarities red and blue formed the bracket back then. Today, the painter from Chemnitz makes the color black blossom on his haunting, cyclically renewing paintings.
In “Flowering Black” e.artis contemporary and Michael Goller show large-format oil paintings from the latest phase of his work, as well as smaller formats. Further, there are sketchbooks on display, which have been processed into objects of art with an eagerness to experiment.
Vernissage Michael Goller | Flowering Black
Vernissage Michael Goller | Flowering Black
Vernissage Michael Goller | Flowering Black
e.artis contemporary: Aus der Einzelausstellung: Flowering Black | Michael Goller Malerei 2019_39 - 2019
Especially the small overpainted books symbolize the dialogical, processual exchange between picture and painter. In the end, it is the picture itself that provides answers to the artist’s self-questioning and searching. Each individual stroke and tone combines to form a whole, which sets the artist in vibration and is at the same time the starting point for further questions.
“In such a resonant frequency, the pictorial elements, which until then had been experienced as individual oscillations, increase to a new common identity, which I call painting, and to approach it can be an absolutely worthy task in life. And at the same time a homecoming.” (Goller, M. : Two. three. four. painting and world, 1995-2017)
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