Hanna Nitsch | matrix feminin | Online Exhibition

From July 10th – September 11th, 2020 e.artis contemporary showed works of the Braunschweig artist Hanna Nitsch in the solo exhibition MATRIX FEMININ. 

Hanna Nitsch (*1973) from Freiburg studied with Peter Dreher and Silvia Bächli at the HBK in Karlsruhe and completed her studies with Herrman Albert and Klaus Stümpel at the HBK Braunschweig in 2007 as a master student.

The artist has had solo exhibitions in the municipal galleries in Braunschweig, Wolfsburg and Wiesbaden.

Her art is regularly found in excellent company, for example in the exhibition “Das eigene Kind im Blick – Künstlerkinder von Runge bis Richter, von Dix bis Picasso” in 2012 and is prominently featured in the recently published anthology “I Love Women In Art” (Munich 2020) with 100 portraits of female artists – including Hannah Höch, Marianne Brandt, VALIE EXPORT and Monica Bonvicini.

In Chemnitz, a total of 15 works in various techniques will be on display. Nitsch initially chose mainly drawing as her medium – powerful ink colours, for example, characterize the perfectly staged portraits of her children.

In recent years she has expanded her repertoire, experimenting with graphics and ceramics and video. In her current photographic works, one can sense a desire to revise visual codes that have been practiced for centuries, especially those defined by male-dominated art history, as well as travesty and masquerade that reveals more than it hides. The iconographically highly stylized images become the starting point of the artistic questioning.

Thus “La Source/ Die Quelle”, a series of 16 images retrieved and processed from the Internet, presents the female face at the moment of birth. In the three-part series “Following my exotic destiny”,
the artist slips into the roles of Christian mythological figures, becoming goddess, Madonna and hermaphrodite.

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