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In times of Covid-19 not only economy suffers, but also the beautiful things in life, like art and culture. Especially young artists are looking for ways to draw attention to their art and survive the crisis.

e.artis helps: The aid campaign to successfully sell art – despite Covid-19

We have developed a campaign for the direct support of artists, where art can be sold quickly, safely and easily with the help of e.artis.

e.artis auctions: sell art easily, quickly and safely!

You are an independent artist and feel left out in the rain? Apply with your CV and portfolio and sell your art online!

Find suitable works from your studio and deliver them directly to us! We will then sell them in our online auctions. This way you can easily look forward to a monthly income.

All detailed information about our aid campaign is available here!

e.artis artists: Experiences of Elke Nebel

Elke Nebel was born in 1975 in Kleve.

From 1997 to 2002 Nebel studied at the State Art Academy in Düsseldorf with Jörg Immendorff.

In 2004 she received the award for fine arts of the city of Düsseldorf. From 2009 to 2011 she had a teaching assignment at the State Academy of Art Düsseldorf and in 2012 she completed a guest professorship at the Academy of Art Münster.

Interview Elke Nebel

Artist Elke Nebel has been working together with e.artis for a while. In an interview with Konstanze Wolter, founder of e.artis, she answers questions about selling art on the Internet with e.artis.

Dear Elke, since 2018 you have been selling in the e.artis online auctions directly from your studio.

Yes, it is important to me that my works circulate and that I can attract the attention of a different audience than the one who buys in a gallery.

The online business hasn‘t scared you?

No, e.artis is a contemporary way of selling art. There are many online platforms that offer art by young artists, but don‘t sell it. At e.artis the sales rate is 100% due to the auction format.

How well do you get along with 1 € as starting price?

I always tell myself: with these unlimited offers I want to reach people of my age! When you start collecting art, it‘s best to start with your own generation, so it‘s important to me to offer my art at a reasonable price to these art lovers as well. Gerhard Richter and the Zero people also started at low prices. Banksy also offers things for small money in New York. (laughs)

What exactly do you sell at the e.artis auctions?

I have many of the red inks from an earlier period that were in my studio. This is not my main work and so I was able to consign them well for 1 € and sell them at any price.

Does that affect your gallery prices?

Experience shows that e.artis sales do not conflict with my gallery work. So far I can‘t find any influence on the prices and buying mood in the gallery, because I only deliver these red ink paintings to e.artis very specifically.
.How does the sales process work for you?

The handling at e.artis is awesome: with text, close-ups and description. Regular information about the current status etc. I can‘t complain about anything. Everything is super professional and reliable. I receive monthly payments that are always paid out correctly. I am always happy about that.

How is it with the sales prices?

I‘ve been observing this for a while now: there are fluctuations that you have to deal with, but in total there are always 200-300 € per month. I get 55% of the sales price although I have much less work than e.artis. I just pick out some works and send a package.

Would you recommend e.artis?


Thanks for the talk.

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