Days in Alsace with Wintersberger

Impressionen aus dem Atelier von Lambert Maria Wintersberger

For several days we have been working in the studio and home of Lambert Maria Wintersberger. It is a unique atmosphere in the house. The ambience of the house is full of creativity. Every day we come across works of art that bear witness to lifelong development in the work of the painter Wintersberger. Impressed, we recognize an artist who addresses the psyche with the color on the canvas. Wintersberger is known for his painful injury pictures in glossy-aesthetic Pop Art style already in the 60s. Later he left this in favor of a boisterously gestural style. When he moved to an old train station in Alsace in the 1980s, he was already considered by experts as a prominent artist in the development of paintings in Germany after World War II.

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