A Challenging Project Starts

Lambert Maria Wintersberger Gemälde

The year is 1969. The mirror titled “Torture in Marzipan” refers to the paintings of Lambert Maria Wintersberger.

„Iron clips poke into full lips, strings cut deep into mouth-watering meat, and a can opener lifts fingernails. Shock motifs of such a select kind are the specialty of the painter Lambert-Maria Wintersberger, 27; since two years, he only performs “injuries” and “bondage”. The tortures are from the young Municher, who now lives in Stuttgart, having established himself: So writes the “FAZ”, “one of the first places among the young German painters”. And wherever the current art of the Federal Republic is on display, Wintersberger also has his maltreated mouths and fingers in display. ”

The year is 2018.  Lambert Maria Wintersberger is no more. But his works remain alive.

e.artis is commissioned to work on and preserve the oeuvre of the artist who died in 2013. For this purpose, a mobile e.artis team will drive to the “Estate of Lambert Maria Wintersberger” in France in June this year and in a challenging action in 2×2 weeks to view and record the entire estate. In this art blog, we will keep you regularly up to date on this particular project in the near future. Watch this space for the works of a prominent Post-1945 German Artist. Lambert Maria Wintersberger – His estate is waiting to be discovered!


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