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Superb!! masterpiece and very beautiful A+++++++Thanks

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e.artis is the web-based auction house specialised in online fine-art auctions founded in 2009. The weekly online auctions of fine-art and design objects are entirely without limit prices. Also the sales of high-quality works of art start at € 1.00.

The terms and conditions of e.artis online art auctions provide a high level of reliability and security for customers, which is reflected in online customer evaluations and the above-average ratings regarding their satisfaction with the online art purchase at e.artis.

Accuracy is guaranteed for all data provided in internet descriptions of our offers. As an auctioneer, e.artis is a member of the “Ausgleichsvereinigung Kunst“ (art compensation association), an association for all original works of fine art and photographs created since 1900.

More detailed information for selling and buying art with e.artis is provided at the menu option about us.

Konstanze Wolter

Ever since my youth, I have been amazed by the human imagination, seemingly capable of bringing things into being out of nothingness. While the technological inventions of some make our daily routines easier and our lives safer, it is primarily the fine arts that give our imagination wings and allow a fantastic world to spring up in each of us – one that enriches our lives: how one can become immersed in a symphony or gaze at a sculpture without noticing the passage of time, how one is moved marvelling at a painting or absorbed in a story while one’s worries drift away.


For me, it is not only the artistry and originality an artist brings to a work, but it is also the personal feelings, sensations and experiences of the beholder or listener that represent what art is and make it truly valuable.


My fascination with human creative power and creative output is what led me to found e.artis. We are a growing company that offers fine art and design objects to interested parties. I welcome you to our web page.



Konstanze Wolter
Managing Partner of e.artis GmbH